Custom Electronics Assembly

Many industries still need economies of scale.  Of course, the more you buy, the less each unit costs.  At Arnold Defense & Electronics we consider ourselves a craft manufacturer.  We can perform both large and small scale manufacturing.  We manufacture multi-conductor cable, wire harness assemblies, junction boxes and thru hole circuit board assemblies built to your specifications. We uses the highest quality products, all built to commercial or military specifications. ADE maintains full testing capabilities to assure product reliability.

Cost effective Re-production of older technology

It is very expensive for the government to design, test, and implement surface mount applications, new components or digitalization.  We possess the electronic capability to produce older technology replacements when the original supplier cannot supply them.  Contact us to learn how we can create small quantity replacement items to keep your older technology running.


We primarily serve the medical, transportation, agricultural and military markets.  However, we are the OEM for many different types of products.  Let us earn your business with high quality and JIT (just-in-time) delivery.


  • CAD Engineering and design
  • Prototype design and manufacture
  • Control assembly, subassembly, wire harnessing and junction boxes
  • Statistical process control
  • Just-In-Time delivery
  • Environmental Testing
  • Operational testing
  • Low or high volume

Dedication to world class manufacturing concepts

ISO 9000 Certification is not just purchased, it is hard earned. We also possess ITAR compliance. With our engineering and design team, we can assist you with engineering and design, prototype creation, environmental testing, and final product operational testing.  With ADE, you can be assured that your design will function as planned.


Wave soldering

Vapor solvent and aqueous cleaning

Automatic wire cutting and termination

Conformal coating

Encapsulating and potting

Curing ovens

Product Burn-in

Environmental test chamber





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