Ask any dentist, and they’ll tell you the same thing: brushing your teeth regularly will help them last a lifetime. The same is true for rocket launchers.

Airnesco USA’s Bore Cleaning System is a pneumatically-powered internal brushing system that enables one maintainer to effectively clean a large caliber weapon within minutes. Technically speaking, it is about as easy to brush your teeth as it is to scrub out your rocket launchers.

Demonstrated in the video below, the system quickly removes firing deposits from rockets allowing the launcher tubes to be used over and over. This extends the life of the rocket launcher, which not only saves the customer money, but also increases reliability in combat.

The Bore Cleaning System originated in the United Kingdom, and is basically a mechanical chimney sweeper for gun barrels. It was originally designed for use with large caliber artillery, and been fielded with the Royal Navy, British Army and U.S. Army for years. Many crews have vouched that the clever Airnesco system cuts manual labor by 75%. While it traditionally took a four-person crew one hour to clean a gun barrel, an Airnesco kit allows it to be done by one person in approximately ten minutes.

An adapter kit was developed for 70-mm (2.75-inch) rocket launchers, so the tubes may also be cleaned regularly. Airnesco USA is licensed by the U.K.-based company using American-made components, and is partnered with Arnold Defense.

“Every squadron should have an automatic Airnesco Bore Cleaning System,” said Jim Hager, president and CEO of Arnold Defense. “It’s a simple, but smart investment that preserves the life of every rocket launcher. We believe in it so much, Arnold Defense will double the warranty on our rocket launchers whenever someone includes an Airnesco kit in their purchase order.”