LWL-12 is newest option for operators on the ground and sea.


A better way to carry a 12-pack

Since 1961, Arnold Defense has built more than 1.1 million rocket launchers of various shapes, sizes and configurations. Cylindrical launchers are the most common shape, but there have been a few square ones that carry three or four rounds.

According to Bob Testa, General Manager for Arnold Defense, a three-star general needed to carry as many rounds as possible, but also account for low ground clearance on his units’ helicopters. The customer asked if they could land a Bell-407 with a 19-round M261.

“Yes, you can,” quipped Jim Hager, President and CEO of Arnold Defense. “Once.”

“Necessity is the mother of all inventions,” Testa said. “So, we customized a design to meet their needs that also maximized firepower, which is how the LWL-12 was born.”


Although low ground clearance may have been the inception for this flat-bottomed launcher, the product has been gaining momentum on other platforms. According to C.W. “Chris” Frillman, Director of Business Development for Airborne and Naval Weapon Systems at Arnold Defense, the specs on the LWL-12 are ideal for use on the ground and at sea.

“We are convinced that integrating rocket launchers like the LWL-12 on ground vehicles and ships would provide added capability to other warfighters at a fraction of the cost,” Frillman said. “Instead of firing missiles that cost $100,000, we have a solution that can protect our warfighters equally well for about a tenth of that price.”

At just 60 inches long and less than a foot high, the LWL-12 Lightweight Launcher is the ideal size for small spaces. Its flat bottom and weight of 63 pounds (empty) makes it easy to mount on vehicles, small boats or mobile weapon mounts.

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