Fire all of your rockets faster than you can even say “intervalometer”

2.75-inch rocket launchers

The sprockets that launch the rockets

Most rotary wing aircraft that use Arnold Defense’s lightweight launchers have an on-board system that allows the pilot to manage the firing of his or her rockets. But fixed wing aircraft are a slightly different animal. They rely on an electro-mechanical device that allows the pilot to cycle from round to round, or initiate a ripple fire.

Arnold Defense developed a clever widget called the intervalometer and has produced more than 500,000 of them since 1961. Roughly the size of a small hand-held flashlight, the intervalometer fits inside launchers such as the LAU-68 or LAU-131, and is set by ordnance technicians prior to take off. The company is now in the final stages of developing a modernized solid state intervalometer.

For some added punch, a pilot can use the ripple launch option. By holding the fire button down, the launcher will automatically fire every round at intricately-spaced intervals. A 19-round launcher can rattle off its entire load in approximately two seconds.

Now, that’s power projection.

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