The Sky is no longer the Limit for Rocket Launchers

Rocket launchers aren’t just for aircraft anymore

Rocket Launchers on a truck

Arnold Defense plans to integrate rocket launchers aboard vehicles and ships

For more than fifty years, Arnold Defense has commanded the 2.75-inch rocket launcher market for fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft. Today, they are extending the product line for use aboard light ground vehicles and shipboard systems to address the ever-changing threats on the battlefield.

“It’s important to understand the challenging environments our warfighters operate in today, and the pressure they’re under both tactically and financially,” said C.W. (Chris) Frillman, Director of Military Weapons Programs at Arnold Defense. “On one hand, asymmetrical warfare has now created a new breed of smaller targets that are high in number, especially in crowded urban areas. On the other, the Dept. of Defense can simply no longer afford to expend missiles with six- or seven-figure price tags on every single unsophisticated target that pops-up.”

After listening to warfighters and understanding their frustrating dilemma, the solution to marry Arnold Defense rocket launchers with ground-based military equipment is a true win-win. Integrating proven launchers on vehicles and ships will provide warfighters a rapid response to threats that is practical, affordable and reliable.

“Our goal is to protect today’s warfighters today,” Frillman said. “We can provide more capability now, without the astronomical price tag or years-long acquisition process found with risky new programs of record. Our launchers will augment the tactical capabilities of those on the ground quickly, and at a fraction of the cost.”

Repurposing rocket launchers on the ground essentially allows battlefield commanders to call in their own air strikes or offer ships added protection in port or during vulnerable chokepoint transits. Rocket launchers provide leaders with a more affordable option when having to weigh costs between their weapons and a target’s value. With a multitude of available warheads for rockets already in the military’s arsenal, warfighters also inherit that flexibility in their load-out for moving targets, small unmanned airborne vehicles or for situations requiring ultra-low collateral damage.