Arnold Defense rocket launchers have been proven in combat since 1961


Arnold Defense: Trusted By Warfighters For More Than Half a Century

For more than 50 years, Arnold Defense has manufactured the highest-caliber electronic products and rocket launchers for the U.S. military and our international allies across the globe. From the muggy jungles in Vietnam to the arid deserts of Iraq to the harsh mountainous terrain in Afghanistan, Arnold Defense has been there, lock-step with our warfighters.

That’s why the company continues to be the world’s preeminent supplier of 2.75-inch rocket launchers for military aircraft, vessels and vehicles. Arnold Defense has built more than 1.1 million rocket launchers since 1961. Our expert fabricators, welders, electronic engineers and quality control specialists manufacture more than 1,000 launchers every year.

“Our commitment to quality, innovation and affordability is something we’ve always been proud of,” said Jim Hager, President and CEO of Arnold Defense. “But what truly sets us apart is the trust we’ve earned with the warfighter over five decades.”

From evolutionary upgrades like the LWL-12 Lightweight Launcher, to revolutionary new designs, like the Digital Rocket Launcher, Arnold Defense is already prepared for wherever our warfighters might need from us in the next 50 years.